Martin Koel

Derks.IT can do anything, not only are they well-versed in PHP but also do they know a lot about servers, databases and security. Because of their extensive knowledge I always entrust them with my projects. Furthermore, they are very clear in their communications and punctual with their deliveries. If you have the chance have them work on your project, I would definitely grab that chance!

- Martin Koel | Pregly pregnancy community

Eric Jones

It was a pleasure working with the people of Derks.IT. They communicate well and I felt that they were very involved in the project. They put in the hours for the project needed to meet deadlines, which for me was very pleasant. They are always looking for a solution and are never difficult. Besides that they have also many expert programmers!

- Eric Jones | Projectmanager, ABN AMRO

Robert Vlug

Versatile, intelligent people who can communicate in a normal manner. Reliable, energetic. During our collaboration I learned a lot from them.

- Robert Vlug | Author 'Webwinkels voor Dummies'

They are very knowledgeable, always one step ahead in providing solutions. A pleasure to work with.

- Wai Keung Man | Telfort